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50 reasons to visit Turkey

1.Visiting the west-most end of Asia

2.Visiting the east-most end of Europa

3.Visiting the country neighboring the earliest centers of the world civilization: Summer, Babilonian, Akkaddian ...

4.Visiting the country which has been named as the “cradle of civilizations” by many historians

5.Visiting the country where archeologists from all over the world conducting excavations in over one-hundred sites

6.Visiting the country where the oldest shipwreck was discovered in the whole world

7.Visiting the country where the earliest town built according to a plan in history

8.Visiting the country where one of the earliest landscape paintings was found

9.Visiting the country where many museums have been given “the museum of the year” award for decades by European Council

10.Visiting the country which names many cities around the world after ancient settlements; Troy, Paris, Philadelphia, Smyrna, Antioch ...

11.Visiting the country where Homer of Illiad was born

12.Visiting the country where the first coins in history was minted

13.Visiting the country where the parchment paper was invented

14.Visiting the country where Julius Caesar sad “veni-vidi-vici”

15.Visiting the country where the first world-war in history took place: Trojan War

16.Visiting the country where the first written peace treaty in history was signed

17.Visiting the country which has the oldest and the most influential mother goddess cult in history

18.Visiting the country whose people have been enjoying wine for over 7000 years

19.Visiting the country where King Midas has his burial

20.Visiting the country which homes the most successfully re-erected Greco-Roman city: Ephesus

21.Visiting the country which has the best preserved ancient theatre with ongoing classical performances

22.Visiting the country which has the only city in the world established on two continents: Istanbul

23.Visiting the country which has the mountain where Noah’s Ark was believed to have landed: Ararat

24.Visiting the country which has two of the most important water-ways in the world: Dardanelles and Bophorus

25.Visiting the country where many famous philosophers of the ancient world lived: Miletus, Ephesus, Assos,...

26.Visiting the country which homed the Christianity in the earliest times

27.Visiting the country which has the church where the Christians got the name “Christian”

28.Visiting the country where the first seven churches of the Christianity were established: Pergamon, Symirna, Sardis, Thyatira, Philadelphia, Ephesus, Laodicia

29.Visiting the country where Mother Marry lived her last years in a house which is one of the vary rare places in the world being visited by the members of two religions

30.Visiting the country where St. Paul was born and conducted most of his missionary journeys

31.Visiting the country where first Christians established the earliest monasteries

32.Visiting the country which is the spiritual center of The Christian Orthodoxy in the world

33.Visiting the country where two long-lasting empires, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, had their capital city: Istanbul

34.Visiting the country of Suleyman The Magnificient, Admiral Barbarossa, Sinan The Architect

35.Visiting the country which welcomed thousands of Jews during the Inqusition in Europa in the 15th century

36.Visiting the country where two of the seven wonders of the ancient world are

37.Visiting the country where Gallipoli Battle-one of the turn-overs during the 1st World War

38.Visiting the country which has been the first and the only secular one among the other Islamic countries in the world

39.Visiting the country where women gained the suffrage in 1934, whereas it was 1971 for Swiss women

40.Visiting the country which has been ruled with a parliamentarian democracy since 1923

41.Visiting the country where crime rate per 1000 persons is only 3.9, whereas it is 84.6 in England, 76.1 in Holland, 71.1 in Germany, 63.6 in Italy, and finally 33.1 in Greece

42.Visiting the country which is the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts, apricots, figs, eggplant

43.Visiting the country which is the forth largest country in terms of vineyards after Spain, Italy and France

44.Visiting the country where historian Heredotus, physician Galen, mathematician Apollonius, geographer Strabon, philosophers Anaxagoras, Heraclitus, Scopelianus, Cleanthes and many more were born and lived

45.Visiting the country where parchment paper was invented

46.Visiting the country where two of the four rivers that watered The Garden of Eden according to the Book of Genesis flow

47.Visiting the country where St. Nicholas was born and lived

48.Visiting the country where all of the seven Ecumenical Councils which are accepted both by the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches were held

49.Visiting the country which introduced tulips to Holland in the 16th century

50.Visiting the country where one can find fifty more reasons to come back...


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