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The Land of Beautiful Horses

What a beautiful day for riding! Cappadocia is known to be the land of beautiful horses. Ariana Concierge team is ready for you to get the most out of your Cappadocia experience. We offer a variety of adventurous concierge services for an unforgettable journey.

Visitors all around the world descend on the land of beautiful horses for romance, honeymoon or adventure. With its fairy chimneys and hot air balloons, Cappadocia in central Turkey is a world-renowned touristic region also famous for horse trekking tours. Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge offers a variety of unique excursion packages that turn your stay into an experience of a lifetime. Cappadocia is a fabulous place to ride because of the freedom granted those on horseback. It is wide open and horseback riders are allowed virtually anywhere, from open steppes to the cobblestone streets of villages. The horses are incredibly fit and the variety of locations you get to discover Cappadocia on horseback is endless.

Besides our luxury suites that offer the perfect blend of contemporary comfort and luxuriously appointed style, Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge presents a variety of unique concierge services. The day starts early in Cappadocia with the magnificent sunrise view over the fairy chimneys, enjoyed by adventure seekers on a hot air balloon ride. Then comes a delicious breakfast with organic ingredients exclusively selected by chefs of The Plum Restaurant located in the lodge. If you like outdoor activities, a well-organized route for a horseback trekking is the best way to explore Cappadocia. Ariana Concierge Team organizes your transportation from the lodge to the horse farm, and offers you alternative routes of trekking according to your requests.

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