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Ancient Pottery Excursion

Ancient pots are filled with clues about the lives of the craftspeople that created them and used them. Cappadocia is one of the few locations where this ancient form of art still lives in its original roots. Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge offers a variety of unique excursion packages that turn your Cappadocia stay into an experience of a lifetime.

Cappadocia is one of the few destinations for “muddy fingers” with a desire to run their own creative and inspiring vase or bowl making session. Whether you prefer to watch or experience your own hand-crafted session, Ariana Concierge Team is at your service. We offer a special excursion to an award-winner pottery producer, providing the historic setting for inspiration as a part of your Cappadocia tour. All materials, equipment and firings are provided for you to create your own handmade piece of art. The renowned gallery of pots and other ceramic products are also presented on the spot, if you are interested in owning a gift that will remind you of your Cappadocia experience.

Ariana Concierge Team organizes your transportation from the lodge to the pottery area, and presents alternative workshops according to your requests.

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